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4/14 Interactive Board: Codependent Partners

3/23 Interactive Board: He's Changing... I'm Not...

3/1 Interactive Board: D/s Lifestyle

1/14 Interactive Board: My Purrrfect Husband

12/12 Interactive Board: What if He Could Have Changed?

10/23 Interactive Board: Quandary Revisited

8/24 Interactive Board: Quandary! What's Going On?

7/20: Dr. Irene on cognitive behavior therapy and mindfulness

6/12 Interactive Board: Unintentional Abuse

11/7 Interactive Board: Is This Abusive?

12/29 Interactive Board: There Goes the Wife...

11/4 Interactive Board: A New Me!

10/8 Interactive Board: Seeming Impossibility

9/8 Interactive Board: My Ex MisTreats Our Son

5/1 Interactive Board: I feel Dead - Towards Him

4/26 Interactive Board: Why is This So Hard?

4/19 Interactive Board: I Lost My Love...

4/7 Interactive Board: Too Guilty!

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Interactive: Codependent Partners
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Interactive: Purrrfect Husband
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Interactive: What if He Could Change?
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Interactive: Quandry Revisited
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Interactive: Ex Mistreats Son
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My Story: Just Left; Am OK
My Story: PsychoShrink Hubby
I Can See Clearly Now
Interactive: I feel Dead Towards Him
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Interacting: Why is this so Hard?
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I Lost My Love
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Interactive: Too Guilty to Leave
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Interactive: Eeek! I'm Angry!
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Interactive: How Can I Be Sure?
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My Story: A Poem for Him
Interactive: Killing Her with Kindness
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He Wants My Forgiveness
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She Broke My Heart
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Sheer Frustration-Interactive
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Heartbroken - Interactive Board
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My Short Fuse
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Update: 3 Yrs Later
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Her Personality Irregularities
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Back to Normal
Brawny Guy's Tale:Abuser,Abusee
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Trying Not To Feel Hopeless
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Sheer Desperation
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End My 24-Yr Marriage?
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End My 24-Yr Marriage?
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Woman's Jealous Obsession
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Push & Pull Me
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The Mess that Did Me Good!
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Love is Not Arrogant
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Emotionally Unavailable
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Update to Physical Vs. Verbal Abuse
Imbalance of Anger
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Brian's Story: Gay Relationship
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A Guy's Abusive Boyfriend
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My Abusive Husband
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M Got It!
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Why Am I So Inconsiderate?
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More Interactive Abuse Email (#31-60)
After Divorce: Am I On Track?
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Choosing A Therapist & Emotions
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An Angry Person's Pain
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B's Board:Working The Marriage
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The Angry People In My Life
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I've Been Reading Your Site
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Sold Out for Clean Cat Boxes
The Catbox
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The High Road To Recovery
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She Needs A Reality Check
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Responding To I Abused The Man I Love
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But, What About My Son?
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Which One is the Abuser?
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Should I Stand Up to My Abuser
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She Betrayed My Heart
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Look What Happens When You Let Go...
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Jealous Wife
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Feeling Sooo Guilty
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I Am Victim, Abuser, Codependent...
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End 4 Generations of Abuse
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So Hard To Give Him Space
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Female With Control Issues
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My Difficult Wife
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Abusive Guy Wants Help
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Rhoda's Update: Advanced Victim Recovery - Codependence
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Is He An Abuser?
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A Message From Dan
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Letting Go is Tough
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Self-Proclaimed Sociopath: I Don't Get It...
Comments for Self
Self Proclaimed Answers Some Questions
Am I an Abusive, Controlling Husband?
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Comments for Am I an Abusive Husband2?
Interactive Abuse EMail (#1-30)
My Blackbelt Protects Me
Comments to Blackbelt
Can She Get Over My Abuse?
Comments for Can She Get Over My Abuse?
Success: I'm Proud of My Husband
Comments for Success: Proud of Husband
Help! He'll Kill Me!
Comments for Help!
Never Neat Enough
Comments for Never Neat Enough
I' Soooo Tired...
Comments for I'm Soooo Tired
Physical Vs. Verbal Abuse
Comments to Physical Vs
The Perfect Man
Comments to The Perfect Man
Victim Partner Turns Abusive
Comments for Victim Turned Abuser
Dad's Influence Is Corrupting Our Son
Comments for Corrupting Our Son
The Judge Updates Us
Comments to Judge's Update
Just Divorced And I Can't Really Leave
Comments for Can't Really Leave
Way Beyond Codependency
Comments for Way Beyond Codependency
Getting In Touch With Victim Anger
Comments for Victim's Anger
I've Had Enough Too!
Comments for Had Enuf Too
If Only The House Was Clean
Comments To If Only
She Dumped Me For Him
Comments for She Dumped Me For Him
Sex Problems
Comments to Sex Problems
Outside Influence: His Mom
Comments for Outside Influence: His Mom
How We Both Messed Up
Comments for We Both Messed Up
A Violent Victim?
Comments for Violent Victim
Do I Want to Leave a 23 Yr Marriage?
Comments for 23-Yr Marriage
Will I Ever Be Free?
Comments to Be Free
Divorce and the Children
Comments for Divorce & The Children
The Restraining Order Worked
Comments for Monica
Sharp Questions Deserve Answers
Comments to Sharp Questions
Help! My Kids Turned Against Me!
Replies to My Kids Turned Against Me
Child Abuse:Truth is Stranger Than Fiction
Replies To Child Abuse
Nope, This Is About YOU!
Reply to R
Got Legal Advice for Abused Man & His Kids?
Comments To Abused Dad
Licking The Abuse Wounds (Email #91-120)
Reva's Update
Update: An Angry Person's Pain
Good News Followup
Recovery from Passive Aggressive Stuff
June 2000 Had Enough Update
June 2000 Update to How Much Time Should I Give Him
June 2000 Update to Where Is My Anger
Am I Wrong In Wanting Separation?
He's An Abusive Cross-Dresser
Stress or Abuse?
Perfectly Awful Abusive Mom & Wife
I am Confused
Update to Married To a Sociopath: I'm Working On Me!
Monica's March 1 Update
Prescription Drug Addicted Abusive Wife
Why Won't She Leave Her Abuser?
Abuse Survivor
Wit's End
Confusion: Who is Abusive?
Reader Comment to (Not)
No More Excuses
Follow-Up to (Not) Putting My Life Back...
Viv's Update
Happy Ending For Angry Hubby
I Know What I Need To Do
I Fell in Love With Another Man
Men and Sex Relieve My Pain
An Exercise for Couples in Recovery
Yikes! Is There No End To The Abuse? (Email #61-90)
(NOT) Putting My Life Back
My Husband's BPD Diagnoses
About My Abusive Lady-Partner
Mixed Feelings; Tough Choices
Update to If It Hurts
Blame and Excuses
Update to "Where Is My Anger?"
Barbara's Update
Has He Really Changed?
A Couched Potato Husband
Teenage Victim
Breaking Point, Part 2
The Breaking Point
Passive-Aggressive & Codependent
Tough Macho Guy is the Victim
Thank You Thank You
Update to I've Had Enough
My First Mistake
Arrested Development
OnLine Romance Goes Sour
Thanks Mom!
Guy Victim's Comments to Donna
So, Its Not All Me...
Courage to Leave
Its a Doozy
Sometimes it is Very Good
What About The Adult Kids?
A Jaded Woman
Where Do You Draw The Abuse Line
You Cannot Dance Alone
Verbal Abuse (Email  #1-30)
Where Is My Anger
Why We Won't Leave
Am I Crazy?
Abuse? Alcoholism? Mental Illness?
Elizabeth's Update
Support For The Abuser
I feel guilty for getting a restraining order
Monica's Reply
Husband Abuse Is No Different Than Wife Abuse
How much Time Should I Give Him?
His Name Calling And Anger
A Mom Gives Herself Good Advice
No Win Situation
My Punitive Husband
Don't Write Back-He Will Know...
Not Always Abuse
Am I Abusive?
My Wife Ran Off...
Barbara, Trust Thyself!
Covert Abuse Survivor
The Bad Guy is a She
Love Isn't Everything
Boy Friend Disaster
I've Had Enough
Verbal Abuse?
Is There Help...
He Seems More Dangerous Now
Abused Guy Has NO Empathy For Abusers
Setting Boundaries
Abusive, Sex-Addicted Husband
Verbal Abuse (Email  #1-30)
Effects on the Child
How Do I Get Rid of Bitterness?
My Boyfriend's Anger
Keeper of The Truth
Is He Abusive?
Vat Duz Dukter Irene No?
Dragging Her Down
Don't You Want a Partner?
Physical Threats
I'm Abusive...Help!
If She Loves me, She Won't Press Charges
Husband Abuse
Beating Horses is  OK?
Getting Physical?
Just Waking Up
Long Distance Lover
Dump Him!
Depression & Abuse
Hopeless Victim?
Comments for Hopeless Victim
Abuse & Addiction
Falling Apart
He Needs Space
Name Calling
Abusive Newlywed
Abuser Wants Help
Abusive Mom?
Abusive Mom
Abuse, Panic, Fear
Codependence, Love & Sex Addiction Email Archives
Codependency, Human Nature & Abuse
Guilt & My Abusive, Addicted Ex-Husband
He's Not Driving You Crazy, You Are!
Go Directly To ALANON
What About You?
Control Yourself, Not Your Wife!
What Did You Expect?
Help Me Leave
In Recovery & Getting It Together
Helping My Abused Sister
My Husband is Addicted to Sex & Anger
Love & Sex Addiction
Love Addiction
What Can We Do?
Reader Comments 2 (#31-60)
Inspirational Kudos
My Thanks
The Same Site?
Comments for Same Site?
Victim Anger: Missing The Point
Good Stuff
A Yukky Comment
Comments for Yukky Comment
Just Wanted To Say Thank You
Fan Mail
Covert Abuse Thanks
Life After Her
Thank You
Angel Doc???
An Attorney's Comments
Clarify Some Points Doc
Links & Stuff 2
The Big Guy Helps Those Who Help Themselves
Reader's Editorial on Posts
Comments to Reader's Editorial
Reader Comments & Thanx Email Archives
Broken Engagement
Thank You
Big, Burly Guy Victim
Yet More Thanks
How I Handle My Abusive Wife
A Simple Thank You
A Reader Complains $%#
"Hissssss" to You Too!
Religion, Christianity & Religious Differences
Thank You
Words of Appreciation
A Finally Happy Mom
On the Courts...
Open Letter To Abused Dads
Abusive Graphics
Anger is Normal
Dr, Did You Do Your BPD Homework?
Thank You For Caring For Us
Who Says The Abuser Is More Stable
What's A Judge To Do?
There Really Are "Bad" People
I'm Not Crazy!
Comments to Dr. Irene on Email Advice
Advice to Doctor Irene
Even More Thanks
More Thanks
Abuse & the Legal System
An Impartial Observer's Comments on Abuse
A Reader Disagrees
My Story (# 31-60)
My Story: Praying for a Miracle
Post Your Story!
My Story 1
My Story 2
My Story 3
My Story 4
My Story 5
My Story 6
My Story 7
Poem Thoughts & Doc's Comments
Narcissist Wants Divorce
Comments for Narcissist Divorce
Abusive Lady Asks for Support
Comments for Abusive Lady
Abused Guy No More!
He Loved Me When I Wasn't His
Comments for Wasn't His
Angry Victim Recovers
Comments for Angry Victim
Narcissists in My Life
Comments fo rNarcissists in My Life
Not Crazy: Beautiful!
Comments for Crazy-Beautiful
My Story: 27 Years
Comments for 27 Years
Dealing With Mom
Spouting: On The Female Narcissist
Comments for Narcissistic Woman
I AM Going To Stop!
Life After Her
Guy's Breaking Point
Comments for Guy's Breaking Point
Lose Your Lover (The Narcissist)
Theressa's Story
Comments for Theressa's Story
Second Marriage
Comments for Second Marriage
Death of the Dream
Comments for Death of a Dream
Waathered the Storm
Comments for Weathered The Storm
My Story: Choices, My Journey
Comments for My Choices
Choices: Reclaiming My Life
Comments for Choices: Reclaiming My Life
5 Kids and and OP
Comments for 5 Kids
I Married 4 Sociopaths
Comments for 4 Sociopaths
Abuser Appreciates Advice
Comments for Appreciates Advice
Pain & Confusion
Comments for Guy's Pain
Journey Out of Abuse
Comments for Journey
Remarried Ex and Oh Boy...
Comments for Remarried Ex
An Abuse Survivor's Story
Comments for Survivor Story
Lessons My Abusive Husband Taught Me
Comments for Husband's Lessons
No Power - & I'm Becoming Abusive
Comments for No Power
No Way To Live A Life
Comments for No Way To Live A Life
Tough Love Advice
Comments for Tough Love
Success Story: C&K
Comments for C & K
Empowered One Year
Remember Geri and Her Recovery Music?
Comments for Geri
My Advice: What's Working For Me
Another Relational Success Story
Comments for Another Relational Success Story
Leaving Mr. Selfish
Leaving Is No Panacea
Posts for Leaving Is No Panacea
My Story (# 1-30)
Victim Too Angry To Love
Comments to Victim Too Angry To Love
His Addiction to Sex, Drugs & Battery
Comments To His Addictions
I Tried It Again
Wanda: We're Trying...
Comments for Wanda
My 30-Year Marriage
Merging: 1 Male + 1 Female Survivor
Comments for Pam and Greg
Wake Up: Don't Make My Same Mistake
He's Not The Man I Thought I Married
Patience & Fortitude
Update to Success
Today is the First Day of the Rest of my Life
Married To A Borderline Personality
It Hurts For a Reason
Some of My Stories
What's In The Subject Line?
Am I Married To A Sociopath?
The Silent, Incideous Nature of Abuse
A Story for Those Who Can Relate to No Self-Worth...
Success: I Left Two Weeks Ago!
The Tale of An Abused Husband
The Site & My Kids Were My Shrink
Covert Abuse Survivor, May thru Aug
I Left
The Former Victim is the Abuser
I Am Finally Free
Words That Helped Me Leave!
I Did It!
Hurting Myself
A Survivor Speaks
Tex's Abused Guy Tales
She Married The Great Satan
The Adventures of the Great Satan
Part 3: More Tales from Kali-ville
Devil's Advocate: Doc's Comments to Tex
Devil's Advocate Comments
Replies For Tex
A Message For Tex
Next Message for Tex
The Book Shelf
Support & Info
Inspirational & Humor
Men Cry Too
Poem: I Have A Right
Online Love Addiction Help
My Way
Poem: Unspoken
Creative Writing Corner
Creative Writing Corner
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A Poem: No
Poem: Hey You!
Poem: Land of Now
Where did I go
Poem: I Thought
How Can We Know?
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Poem: Winter
The Paradox Of Our Times
Little Lessons
Kristin's Advice
Abused Wife's Revenge Prayer
Butt Prints In The Sand
A Man's Apology
Strength and Courage
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