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Thank You

Thank You

February 12, 2000

Thank you for your web site Dr.. I left my husband two months ago and I can't imagine how lonely and lost I would feel without this place to come.  It is very difficult as it is.  You of all people know about codependency and the identity crisis that ensues when a woman leaves.

It is Saturday night and as I sit here crying once again, I know that there is hope.  This sadness with time will diminish.  I was only married for one year and it was to the big handsome man of my dreams (or so I thought).  I wanted so much to be one of the lucky ones who gets help with her husband and has a happy ending but, that is not to be.  Dreams die very hard.

Everything has been made to be my fault.  Everything.  So many times I traded my reality for his.  I won't do that anymore.  Believe you me, I wish it was all my fault, because then I could fix it!  How's that for codependency! :)

Thank you again,

Lisa :)

Dear Lisa,

Thank You for your kind words. By the way, your line, the one I highlighted above is great!  Yes, it would be nice if it were all  your fault...

My very best wishes, Dr. Irene

March 6, 2000

Very simply, you have the best web site of this kind.  I've been to countless sites researching codependency and anger.  Your site is exceptional regarding the anger.  You are one of the only people that gives advice on how to get better and change. 
Please keep updating your site.
Thank you, A

Thank you! :)

March 22, 2000

Thanks for the 3/22 article. The two contrasting interactions really brings out where we have been in a way that reading the Evans' books and some of the others didn't. What goes on at my house now is much more subtle blaming,
now that my attitude has changed, but it's still the same dynamic.

I was going through a "things aren't so bad anymore why am I so unhappy" period this week but this article showed me why!

I thank God (and Jeeves, the butler) for guiding me to this site. I learn something every day. 
With sincere thanks, N 

Thank YOU N!

March 29, 2000

Re: Burnt Offerings: The Victim's Anger

Very, very well written. This is the first article on the internet I have
found so far which does not just simply "blast" the person who does this
behavior. You took the time to explain what happened to the person to
make them act like this.

I never realized it was my inability to express my anger and frustration.
Total denial.

I really liked part "She is unlikely to get a handle on her life and her
behavior until she owns her anger and takes responsibility for her

You have given me ideas of how to recognize my behavior when I do it.
(Afterwards unfortunately though for now.) 

Now I can recognize the behavior. I look forward to "fixing" this part of my life. Thank you so much for this information. R

Dear R, And thank YOU so much for writing. Best regards, Dr. Irene