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Below is an Interactive Board sampler. A fuller listing is found in the "Stories" menu above.

4/14 Interactive Board: Codependent Partners

3/23 Interactive Board: He's Changing... I'm Not...

3/1 Interactive Board: D/s Lifestyle

1/14 Interactive Board: My Purrrfect Husband

12/12 Interactive Board: What if He Could Have Changed?

10/23 Interactive Board: Quandary Revisited

8/24 Interactive Board: Quandary! What's Going On?

7/20: Dr. Irene on cognitive behavior therapy and mindfulness

6/12 Interactive Board: Unintentional Abuse

11/7 Interactive Board: Is This Abusive?

12/29 Interactive Board: There Goes the Wife...

11/4 Interactive Board: A New Me!

10/8 Interactive Board: Seeming Impossibility

9/8 Interactive Board: My Ex MisTreats Our Son

5/1 Interactive Board: I feel Dead - Towards Him

4/26 Interactive Board: Why is This So Hard?

4/19 Interactive Board: I Lost My Love...

4/7 Interactive Board: Too Guilty!

The Victim Pages

Why inflict pain on oneself, when so many others are ready to 
save us the trouble? - George W. Pachaud

"It is My Job To Care For You!" Lots of good stuff here for and about victims. The goal: Its your job to stop being a victim! and start caring for yourself! Nobody else can do this for you.

The Verbally Abused Partner
Victim's Recovery Stages
Understanding the Victims of Spousal Abuse
The Victim's Anger
I Allowed Abuse? No Way!
My Covert Abuse Experience
Self Control is Not Only For the Abuser
Rules In My House
Blaming The Victim vs The Defensive Victim: Advanced Recovery
New Relationship: Is (S)He's A Controller?
How to Deal With An Abuser W/O Getting Defensive
Dealing With Your Abuser: When Words Won't Work
Why Do Victims Get Stuck In Anger?
Recovery Map: Life During & After Abuse
How Did I Become Abusive? by Victim
Am I Enabling?
Verbal Abuse and The Church
Delaney: a Case History
Tips: Take Your Power!
Tips: On Leaving Your Abuser
Leaving Your Abuser
Safety Plan
Anne's Red Flag Victim & Abuser Behaviors
Abused Guy Page
Divorce: Protecting The Children
Divorcing the Kid(s)
Help! I Still Love My Abuser!
Article Research
Borderline (BPD) Abuse
Traumas As Social Interactions
Healing From Shame/Traumatic Events
What Is Abuse?
Psychology of Torture
How to Cope With Your Abuser
How to Cope With Abuse in the Workplace
My Heart is Swiss Cheese
Anatomy of Abuse
How To Cope With Abuse
Abusive Behavior Survey Results