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Abused Guy Page

Abused Guy Page

It's the good loser who finally loses out.
--Kin HubbardUp

Updated March 31, 2004

Familiar with gender politics and a sometimes biased legal system, this page was created to support and empower men. The broad psychological issues of abused guys are no different from abused gal issues. Both need to take their power. But, abused men are a minority with fewer resources and special issues: scorn from their own sex and vilification by the opposite sex. This page supports these guys. Got support ideas? Email your suggestions.   -Dr. Irene


George's Site:

George Rolph put together one of my favorite site's for abused men. UK site; mailing list; good stuff.

Tex's List. Give this to the abusive woman you love! 

 Battered Guys: Read On...A Post in Support of Battered Guys

Stop by Tex's Abused Guy Tales Page in case you missed something.

Battered husbands, legal system injustice, lots more...  This is an excellent web index of resources for men

A Partial List of On-Site Guy Readings 

My Story: She Married The Great Satan...

My Story: Got Advice for An Abused Dad & His Kids?

My Story: Tale of An Abused Husband

The "Bad Guy" is a She

Abused Guy Has NO Empathy for Abusers

Husband Abuse

A Guy's Love Addiction

An Example of Personal Responsibility

Analysis of the Abuser's Language by Judge G

Married To A Borderline Personality

For Gay Guys

Three Blond Men

Author unknown, contributed by Victor

Three blond men are stranded on one side of a wide river, and don't know how to get across.

The first man prays to God to make him smart enough to figure out how to cross the river, so God turns him into a brown-haired man and he swims across.

The second man prays to God to make him even smarter, so God turns him into a black-haired man and he builds a boat and rows across.

Then the third man prays to God to make him the smartest of all, so God turns him into a woman and she walks across the bridge.

(I've gotten emails on this in these days of Political Correctness:
Please don't take this seriously or see it as sexist. It was submitted by a guy who made lots of contributions to the site. It is a joke; like the rest of the site, it makes fun of itself. A sense of humor is invaluable!)