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Life After Her

My Story: There is Life - After Her!

“Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.” - Anon.

July 26, 2002

I just wanted to thank you for your web site.  Although the abuse I suffered did not extend into physical violence or name calling I see a lot of the same trends in my abuser as I see in the other stories on this site.

It helps me realize that I made the right decision to not speak to her anymore. 
It's hard to find any books on men being abused, especially emotionally, and I wish there were more materials out there.
The most funny thing is that now I'm done with her, I really am much happier.  I'm alone, but not lonely.  But I still do suffer from anger at my abuser and disbelief that she really did these things to me because she's an incredibly friendly, funny, smart, beautiful and successful woman.  And you'd be clueless that she's this way. 
Something in one of your responses caught my attention.  She was doing the best she could to treat me fairly.  Unfortunately, psychologically, she was unable to meet the behaviours we automatically get from our friends.
Well, chuckle, just so you know, after her third divorce she aggressively pursued another man and decided to get married again. 
I wish for her all the best.
And I wish for myself a bright future with a great partner.
 Way cool! You got it. The abusive partner can't help it... And now you know how to spot it... Good luck to you and thanks for writing! Doc

Ps: You may want to look at Abused Men by Phillip W. Cook.