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August 4, 2001

Just want to add my voice to those of the many folks who are thanking you.

I stumbled onto the Bible for Verbal Abuse -- Ms. Evans book --by accident six weeks ago and it was revolutionary to read it. (The Verbally Abusive Relationship.)

Later, after separating from my husband, I found your site and now go on it every day to get some coaching, advice, moral support and learn. I am reading two more books and will continue on my journey.

I am a health care advocate for a living -- we haven't tackled the issue of providing care to the abused yet --we are working on other issues, but now that I have experienced the trauma myself, I know that I will eventually work toward improving the health care system for the poor to include much much much better services for abuse.

Your site is a tremendous resource, well done, helpful, a great combination of stories, advice, encouragement, accountability...

Thanks so much. All me friends are checking it out, my family... I don't know about my husband. We haven't had much contact, I am too topsy turvey, but my guess is that he is still not willing to confront the struggle inside himself.

It is all so so so sad. I will write about my experience of going to jail in the near future -- and what I encountered there -- after reading the Book, two weeks later I lost control and started pummeling my husband (I WAS MAD) and he called the police, I knew I would go to jail because I knew the law... I needed a big crisis to force me to deal with how crazy the situation had gotten. While I was in jail, I met 14 other women who were there for smacking on their husbands. It was a very empowering experience... don't worry! I don't want to go back. It motivated me to action, and now I am on the road to recovery.

Thanks again for your site. It is important work you are doing, with good cheer, kindness and smarts.

Thank YOU!   Doc