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Your Anger

What Do You Do With Your Anger? 

by Wayne Misner &  Dr. Irene

"People who fight fire with fire usually end up with ashes."
- Abigail Van Buren

Help us write an article that will help others who have experienced your issues...

February 12, 2001

Joe was getting a divorce and going though the dividing of the furniture. She wanted the TV set. He fought her for the set with the lawyers and finally the judge decided it. Well years later the battle still gets him upset. But not the way you may think. He is upset because he did not want the set!  In fact he would have given her a new set. It was his anger that was fighting her and the set was the excuse he was using to get to her. He has apologized to her. They have two boys they are sharing every two weeks and both Joe and his ex are remarried. But, the bottom line it is 6 years after their divorce and it still brothers him how he acted! Joe’s advice: Give her what she wants. She is the mother of your children. You must be civil for the kids to grow up healthy. (But you can only do that if you're not terribly angry...)

Julie's husband was divorcing her and she kept the house. When her husband found his new residence, she packed his belongings and stacked them in a corner for pick up. That was 10 years ago - and she still feels pain in her hands when she remembers packing his stuff. Julie’s advice: Let him to do his own packing and move when you're not around. (But how do you do that when "throwing him out" by packing his stuff is the only way you have to get back at him for leaving you?)


Anger is BIG. It affects our life and our health. Wayne Misner, author of Men Don't Listen and contributing author to this site is interested in writing an article on what victims and others do with their anger. Maybe we'll publish some of the results here. Maybe Dr. Irene will coauthor. 

Help us help others by sharing your experiences with your anger: how if affects you and how you are resolving it. 

Feel free to post below or email one of us with your answers.

Many thanks,

Doc & Wayne

July 21, 2002 - Survey has been lost. Sorry.


Blame never affirms, it assaults.

Blame never restores, it wounds.

Blame never solves, it complicates.

Blame never unites, it separates.

Blame never smiles, it frowns.

Blame never forgives, it rejects.

Blame never forgets, it remembers.

Blame never builds, it destroys.