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Comments for 4 Sociopaths

Comments for 4 Sociopaths

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B1: Submit
Date: Thursday, February 08, 2001


What a remarkable story! Just reading it has given me inspiration!

B1: Submit
Date: Monday, February 12, 2001



Please read my story at the end of this email and let me know how you can help me. My pastor told me that Buddy fits the profile of a sociopath, one who has no guilt, no remorse, and don't believe he is ever wrong. I contacted police and the district attorney asking them to investigate Buddy's sexual affair with the 17 year old and prosecute him for statutory rape, but they are very luke warm, saying how they have enough current cases involving 14 and 15 year olds, so they don't have time to research into a case involving a 17 year old who has now turned 18. This man needs to be punished, or needs to seek psychiatric help, I believe he is insane!!! One time I did suggest Buddy to seek counseling, his reply was that 'My only problem is that I'm just too smart for this world.'

Cheers Judy

When I met Buddy Diamond, I thought I was in heaven. He is charming, handsome, and extremely brilliant. He went to Harvard University, he is the founder of a pharmaceutical company in Silicon Valley, he is from a doctor family, and has distinguished and accomplished sibling who is the CEO of NFL team Tennessee Titans. I loved and adored this man and did my best to be the most loving, caring, attentive, fun, emotionally supportive, financially helpful, sexually exciting girlfriend as one can possibly be. I am the oldest child in my family and he is the youngest in his, so that might explain our behavior in the relationship. We went out for the entire year of 1999, and he broke up with me in early 2000. His parting words were "I know you always wanted to marry me, but I am a special person, you are just a nobody." Needless to say I felt into a severe depression. I recovered after many visits to the therapist, being with good friends, and focusing on my new job. I don't understand how he can be so cruel to me after one year of dating during which he did say he loves me, etc. In September 2000, I coudn't resist the temptation to call him and it turned out he was happy to see me, so the relationship started again. Then he confessed to me that after he ditched me the first time, he started to have a sexual relationship with a 17 year old girl until she went to school in Boston in September 2000. Buddy is 45, and I'm 37. You can imagine my shock and disgust. His own daughter is 13 years old!!! He cried and said he made a mistake and that how he always loved me and knew i was the right girl for him, etc. Being a Christian, I forgave him. One caveat -- Buddy says he and the young girl had gotten into a car accident in Boston and walked away from the scene and got charged. His court appearance date was set for January 18, 2001. He said he was afraid the girl would sue him, so he has to be very nice to her until the court hearing is over such that if she wants money, he gives money, if she wants time, he'll see her, if she wants sex, he provides. He says that if I can persevere pass January 18, he will marry me. Being the stupidest woman in love I believed him and also lend him over $200,000 to help him with a financial problem he was having. I waited and waited and January 18 came and went and he got off clean from the charges. On Janaury 20, I discovered that the girl was still spending the night over at his place!! I rang the door bell and when Buddy ran down, I was very upset and cried and screamed. He couldn't give me a reason why the girl was still sleeping over even though his promised date of January 18 has came and went. Buddy calmed me down by saying that he is very close to dump the girl, and told me to go shopping and start looking at engagement rings, and that he wants to marry me and told me to go home and wait for him for dinner that night. Well, 9:00pm he showed up, with that 17 year old, and he humuliated me infront of her by saying to me "forget it, i'm not marrying you, get out of my life." He said he didn't mean it when he proposed to me earlier in the afternoon, that he only said it to calm me down so i would leave. Keep in mind that at this point he still owes me over $200,000, and has the nerve to dump me in such inhuman manner!!! My question is, how can a man behave like a beast? I am beginning to think he is not human anymore. It's been so painful that I can't even cry, it's almost like I'm in shock. This man has 2 handicap children, you think he should have more compassion and love within himself to treat people, especially lovers, with tenderness and kindness. Please help with any advise you may have. I've hired a lawyer to help me get my money back, but the emotional damage and abuse he has inflicted will scar me for life.

B1: Submit
Date: Wednesday, August 22, 2001


I think the key here is that all these situations where yours to choose. The men may have been abusive, even crazy, but you chose to be with them. Some people are professional victims, it's easier than facing your own problems. So they will get into the same crises over and over again until they face themselves.

B1: Submit
Date: Tuesday, September 11, 2001


Dear Kadie, I read you letter and it was very touching. I recently became involved with a sociopath. The person who found his true identity was our counselor. It was the worst 4 months I had ever spent in my life. He spent the entire day on the internet talking to other women all over the country and said things about him which were not true. He made himself looked like the best thing that ever happened to them. And you know what? Women on the "chat rooms" bought into it and wanted very much to meet him. My best advice to women using AOL, forget the chat rooms. Men who say what they are aren't at all. They never say the truth and are looking for a "new victim" to move on to. I was smarter than that, I got rid of him before he could move on and I'm glad I did. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Safe and Sound in Arizona

B1: Submit
Date: Friday, October 26, 2001


It was a blessing that I found this site today, I realized that my ex-boyfriend is a sociopath. The characteristics are remarkably the same as Kadies'ex-husbands, except for the alcohol addiction. Jayson was charming,handsome, charasmatic, highly intelligent, but a pathological liar, manipulative, emotionally insensitive, exuded little to no guilt or empathy. Will swear on his mothers grave about a lie and his mother recently passed away, swear on his children's lives to manipulate and gain trust. He liked young, immature or naive woman. Hated the fact I was so independant and smart, so he tried to degrade my self esteem, make me feel inadequate and stupid, when actually, I was making sense, to much for his ego to handle. Lied about the fact that a woman he recently had a baby by was not just a baby mother, but his wife! Because his wife was so young, and nieve he was able to pull the single status off for a while. I saw him everynight until 3-4am. He took me to his home! When he's not with me,He was a womanizer to the 5th powerwhich is 85% of the time, he's home on the phone with me until the wee hours of the morning, where was his wife? What was she thinking? Anyway,he could pee in her face and call it rain, and even though it looked like piss, smelled like piss,if Jay said it was acid rain, she'd say, ooooohhhhh! He was a womanizer to the 5th power, I certainly believe he was seeing other woman besides me and of course his wife. This was his 2nd marraige, the first one I heard he left wife#1 so messed up she needed professional counseling. He messed me up so bad, I attempted suicide in April of 2001, I obviously was not successful at it. All this time he spent with me, met my family, introduced me to his, (brothers, nephews, close friends, even his children)! Attended family functions of mine, I spent the weekend at his brothers' house, he lived off the edge, (characteristic of a sociopath, no fears,daring). While we were dating, his wife was preganant the whole time with child #2. He tried to extort money from me, but that did not work! See, I can learn from Kadie, and I can teach her to say no. He hated the fact that he had two woman, complete opposites of each other, his wife "clueless", submissive and maybe dependant on him. I was independant, smarter, older and challenged him more, so we argued more than he did with his wife of course, but how can they fight, he hardly saw her when he dated me! He sought to really put me through the longer I dated him, he was possesive, controlling and becoming violent. He was becoming more emotionally abusive. WhenI found out Jay was married, I went to his home, (I knew were it was, he took me there) and confronted him and his pregnant wife. She was apparently stuck in stupid, was quiet as I expressed to her how long we've been together, where he is when he's not home 85% of the time, family members I met, even the fact that he brought thier baby daughter to my home frequently. She was apparentlyconfused, in shock she was a young, innocent victim who has no idea what she married and still dosen't know. He was confident, because he has her brain in his back pocket! I don't think she'll ever wake up, if so, it will take years! Turns out, he does not love me or her or anyone, sociopaths are incapable of loving others. The lead parasitic lives. Please forward this reading to Kadie, I thought I was alone in my awareness about sociopaths. I know men lie and cheat, but there are disorders that are extreme and consumes the dominate ego, Jay is a fist class sociopath! He even believes his own lies after a while. Kadies letter helps me a great deal in putting Jay behind me and beginning the healing process for I loved this man deeply. I to had an abusive childhood, my mother was emotionally and verbally abusive to me, I was sexually molested by a family member, I hear Kadie loud and clear! I am attracted to men who are bad for me. Thank you DR. Irene for your website and wish Kadie best wishes on her book, I will support it when it's published! My email address is  

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Date: Sunday, March 30, 2003


Kadie, I have a friend like you who seems to be heading in the same direction. I hope she has a positive outcome like yours. But I have to wonder how long you've been married to this present guy? Is it really happily ever after, or could he turn out crazy too? I ask because it seems you haven't taken the real time to really heal for yourself yet. Your problem seems to be listening too much to other people which leads you into trouble, instead of listening to your own intuition, present company included. All my best though, Spirit@ease