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The Catbox Archives

 The Catbox Archives

"Very often a change of self is needed more than a change of scene." -Arthur Christopher Benson

This page functions as an index with links at the bottom to the Original Catbox. There were 3 Catboxes reflecting evolving technology. The "back" and "next" buttons on the linked pages barely work, so you will need to keep this page open and use it as an index to get around. This section is being restored. Edited January 2020.

July 20, 2002

The Catbox, or as one writer posted, is "Where we dump the poop," started with Lynn's interactive email: "I started writing in a notebook and after 2 days of rambling thoughts, feelings, etc. I wrote two columns:  What I'm getting/not getting out of this relationship -  and the only thing I came up with is that he cleans the litter boxes twice a week."

Lynn's partner, Dan, joined the conversation, as did other posters. Besides being a "dumping" spot, The Catbox was a place of support and growth. 

There were 3 in all as we kept up with technology. The original Catbox lasted about a year, when a new, more sophisticated forum replaced it. (2019 edit: The new, more sophisticated Catbox died in 2009 when a group of difficult women made keeping it open untenable.) These original CatBox pages occupy a special place in my heart. Countless sleepless nights were spent interacting with the posters. We had a few crises and a few breakthroughs. It was an adventure, usually upbeat and silly, often dead serious, and with many rewards. For those with the patience to sift through over 50 pages spanning almost a full year, you'll come away with an insider's view of internet group therapy. My heartfelt thanks to those who made it possible.

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