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Just Wanted To Say Thank You

Just Wanted To Say Thank You


September 27, 2000

Dear Dr. Irene, 

I just wanted to say thanks for setting up your website. I When I found it on my pc, It began a new chapter in my life. I read everything on the website and even went and bought two of the verbal abuse books that you recommended

I was in a very verbally abusive relationship as the victim for 5 years. After seeing your sight and reading the books, I realized that my marriage was just like every example in the verbal abuse book. I spent years thinking that my husband's anger was the fault of me and my children. I had no idea how much it had affected us until after we left. 

My husband knew he had a problem, but just refused to get help or give up his controlling behavior. When I finally stood up and told him that we would no longer be held responsible for his temper tantrums and attacks, he asked us to leave. My eyes were opened for the first time. I moved out, almost a year ago, and I feel so much better about myself, having removed myself from the abuser. 

Me and my kids no longer walk on egg shells and the kids no longer suffer with bad grades in school. Also my youngest son has stopped having daily migraines and diarrhea. My oldest son who had a drug and drinking problem is now totally clean and has sworn off drinking. Wow!

As for my husband, he has already found a new girlfriend to live with, and I hear she is unhealthy, dirty and unkempt. This tells me a lot about her self esteem, and what my husband needs. It is easier for him to pick someone with low self esteem than to pick someone that he has to break down to his level. I haven't yet begun my divorce, but you bet the grounds for divorce will be mental cruelty. Me and my boys have suffered through years of being told we are worthless, and called the most disgusting names in the book. We were constantly threatened with being thrown out of our home if we didn't do exactly as my demanding husband said. 

I wish I had found your site a long time before I did. But, now we are all content and have peace in our home and feel free to be ourselves. No more angry episodes or walking on egg shells We all feel comfortable and secure in our new apartment. I am really dreading our divorce because the kids will have to get on the witness stand and recall all the nasty things that happened in our home, but I think it will help us heal our wounds to get up and tell our story in front of a lot of people. 

Thank you again for reaching out with your website. It changed my life. I know there have to be countless others who it has helped too. 

Sincerely, Jennifer

Dear Jennifer,

Thank you for taking the time to let me know the site helped. Your story is inspiring and I'm always happy to hear about  people who are able to take the information presented and constructively use it to improve your life and the lives of your children. 

My best wishes to you and yours for a happy and healthy life ahead.   

Dr. Irene