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How to Get Help

If You Think You Are Being Abused, Or If You Think You Are Abusive: How To Get Help

by Dr. Irene

Whenever possible, find a counselor who is versed in abuse and battery. Keep in mind that this is a specialized area.  Interview your prospective counselor. Ask if they have specific training or experience in abuse. Sometimes a well-intended therapist who has little or no familiarity with the field may think they can handle your case. They cannot. The issues are radically different than any they have been trained in. Ask this test question: Who is Patricia Evans? If they cannot tell you about her work, they do not understand abuse. Period.

Your best referral for an abuse counselor is through your local battered woman's program. These groups can refer you to knowledgeable counselors who treat victims and abusers.

You can also call your local police department or Family Court. Many localities have battery programs in place and may have referral suggestions.

When you do find a counselor, pick an individual you feel comfortable with!  Never, ever forget that you are the consumer!

Check the Links pages for resources.

This site's fledgling abuse counselor directory.

Do a search.

Call your local domestic violence center.

Call the American Psychological Assoc, or your State Psychological Assoc.