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The Big Guy Helps Those Who Help Themselves

The Big Guy Helps Those Who Help Themselves...

August 23, 2000

On Oct. 8th I left Ed with nothing but an old car and the clothes on my back.  In the sixteen months of our marriage I had given him everything, even my dignity.  I had spent the day before in an emergency room thinking I was having a heart attack. Panic attack! Ouchhh! I went from a beautiful, single, self confident woman who drove a red convertible to a weeping, crying, weak, sick person that had no strength left.  

The first week I stayed in a motel room after taking one his credit cards to pay for it.  After paying for it I rushed back to the house and left the card on the counter for fear of what he might do.  That first week I kept waking up in the night thinking I was in Ed's extra bedroom. When I realized I was in a motel room I would cry to God saying, "Thank you God.  Thank you God for getting me out of that.  Don't make me ever go back.  Please don't make me go back." The Big Guy gifts us with free will...   When I woke up the next morning a little butterfly was on the floor.  I let it crawl up on my finger and I opened the door.  As it flew away I said, "Thank you God."  And, He gives us guidance when asked...

I moved in with my parents.  Dad had the internet and I looked up "verbal abuse."   There was your page.   As I read the articles, my sanity began to return.   I got on the God Help Us List and received help from those on the list.  Amazing love and encouragement filled the pages - and the dark tunnel I had lived in was lit with truth. :)  I was given the courage to get a job and stand against Ed's constant letters and phone calls to get me back.   I was given the courage to stand against a church full of people who believed I was a terrible person for leaving.  I sign the final divorce  papers tomorrow.  I live in a beautiful apartment that no one kicks me out of.  Yippeee!  The Big Guy helps those who help themselves... Thank you for the wonderful feedback. May God bless you and yours always. Dr. Irene