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Words of Appreciation

Words of Appreciation

January 21, 2000

There are not enough words to express my appreciation for your site. I have been to counselors all of my life (from 18 to 57). I have married one abusive man after another. My last counselor gave me the abuse wheel and told me I was in an abusive relationship, and I would never get what I wanted from this guy. 

Oh well, didn't click, I was bruised, battered, pushed and shoved. I found your site, and found the verbal abuse explanation and - oh my God!!  that's me and my Beloved enemy. I have been on the e-mail site with all your devoted people for the last month.  As I read and shared, I began to see where I had been, how I got there, and most important, what I had to do for ME to change.

Another miracle in my life is Robert Burney. Practical, spiritual ways for me to set boundaries, love me, and get some joy out of this thing we call life.

I am seeing some great changes already. I am not expecting Instant. I took  years to form these patterns and I know it will take a while to undo them. But anything positive seems like a miracle, because I'm not hurting so badly.

Question: Is there a site for people who leave the abuser? I think I have outgrown the one where both parties are still together, need feed back and reinforcement from those who left and are dealing with those issues.

Thank you for the clarity, and support.  G

Dear G,

Thank you for taking the time to write and for the kudos!  I agree with you on Robert. He is an incredible human being who does really great work! (I am a fan.) In case you did not email him, I will. I think he would appreciate seeing your note.

As for a site - after the abuse... Well, I don't know. Let's expand this one!

My very best wishes,  Dr. Irene