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But, What If Allah Is A Woman?

But, What If Allah Is A Woman?

"Strong people don't need strong leaders."
-Ella Baker

Courtesy of Anatasia

August 28, 2000

From the Koran, (4:34)

YUSUFALI: Men are the protectors and maintainers of women, because Allah has given the one more (strength) than the other, and because they support them from their means. Therefore the righteous women are devoutly obedient, and guard in (the husband's) absence what Allah would have them guard. As to those women on whose part ye fear disloyalty and ill-conduct, admonish them (first), (Next), refuse to share their beds, (And last) beat them (lightly); but if they return to obedience, seek not against them Means (of annoyance): For Allah is Most High, great (above you all).

PICKTHAL: Men are in charge of women, because Allah hath made the one of them to excel the other, and because they spend of their property (for the support of women). So good women are the obedient, guarding in secret that which Allah hath guarded. As for those from whom ye fear rebellion, admonish them and banish them to beds apart, and scourge them. Then if they obey you, seek not a way against them. Lo! Allah is ever High, Exalted, Great. 

SHAKIR: Men are the maintainers of women because Allah has made some of them to excel others and because they spend out of their property; the good women are therefore obedient, guarding the unseen as Allah has guarded; and (as to) those on whose part you fear desertion, admonish them, and leave them alone in the sleeping-places and beat them; then if they obey you, do not seek a way against them; surely Allah is High, Great.

August 29, 2000

Heh, Heh funny you should mentioned that (referring to title the doc ironically gave this page: "But what if Allah is a Woman?") - because right in the bible are all these female versions of the word and the male re-writes put "he" instead of "she": got this from a very, very, very long website:

Here are some examples:

"Miriam, as the High Priestess, chose her brother Aaron as her spokesperson.

"Who is JE-HO-VAH? Are you sitting down? Good.  The name 'Jehovah,' is a code word used in the place of God's actual  name. This code was used because (according to the 'revisionists') if anyone should say God's real name, 'the entire universe would end.' So they said. So they invented a code word known as the TETRAGRAMMATON. This code is composed of four letters, YHWH. It can be used in place of God's real name. You are allowed to pronounce it 'Jehovah' or
'Yahweh' (and a couple of lesser used variations). What is important here is that this code supposedly represents not the name actually, but rather what God is.

"So that you can understand, let's translate YHWH to Latin. 'Y' translates to 'I.' So the first letter is to announce that "I" am what follows. Now hold onto your hats, let's translate the final three letters and end any doubt you may have had about the gender of  the deity speaking in the above verse. HWH = 'EVE' when translated to Latin. Y-H-W-H = I-E-V-E. What does 'EVE' mean?

"It is the Prime word for all females on this planet. It means  "WOMAN" I-WOMAN = I-EVE = Y-HWH. I did not make this up. It was put there in the Bible by the early writers to atone for changing so much else. They felt okay to change a woman to a man, but they drew the line at changing the identity and gender       of their deity. If the truth ever became known, they would be able to fall back on this and say, "See we didn't change this, and it says <140>I WOMAN'."

"Exodus (6) 28: 'And it came to pass on the day when the LORD spake unto Moses in the land of Egypt, 29: That the LORD spake unto Moses, saying, I am the LORD: speak thou unto Pharaoh king of Egypt all that I say unto thee. 30: And Moses said before the LORD, Behold, I am of uncircumcised lips, and how shall Pharaoh hearken unto me?' Moses, wasn't   circumcised? All the males of Israel were circumcised. None of the women were, though, and Miriam would have been one of uncircumcised lips."

The DOMA (where this came from) has no email address or anything! After reading the entire 16 pages of this, it reminds me of the Bene Gesserit from the movie Dune. BTW: Ishtar had male sacrifices, then later male lambs. That's way Jesus is called the Lamb of God.                                    Anatasia

Cool stuff! I hereby appoint you resident site  scholar. Thanks! Dr. Irene