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An Attorney's Comments

An Attorney's Comments

July 4, 2000

I was wondering if I could tell the doctor my story.

I'm an attorney in northern California and I had a custody case where I represented the mother in a battle against an abusive father. I faced an uphill battle because the family court services counselor suggested that the father have custody of the two boys ages 10 and 14. I talked to a child psychologist who explained the difficulties of the case and how it is hard for children to have to choose between parents. the boys loved their father.

I was lucky because I had a very patient judge who let me paint the picture of how the father's abuse affected the children. they would pick fights with other children at school.

in the end I won the custody fight for the mother and the court recommended parenting classes to the father


Dear CI,

How wonderful! And how sad...  I wonder about family court services counselors and what training they have. But, I suppose it's like everything else: there are knowledgeable judges and counselors, and there are not. Good for you for educating one more little piece of the world!

Best wishes, Dr. Irene