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My Story (# 1-30)

My Verbal Abuse Stories and Victim Tales

"The average dog is a nicer person than the average
person."- Holbrook Jackson

The following stories have been submitted by Readers. Let's learn from their experience. While Dr. Irene no longer provides the type of free advice archived here, please feel free to look around. The issues are timeless.

Victim Too Angry To Love
His Addiction to Sex, Drugs & Battery
I Tried It Again
Wanda: We're Trying...
My 30-Year Marriage
Merging: 1 Male + 1 Female Survivor
Wake Up: Don't Make My Same Mistake
He's Not The Man I Thought I Married
Patience & Fortitude
Update to Success
Today is the First Day of the Rest of my Life
Married To A Borderline Personality
It Hurts For a Reason
Some of My Stories
What's In The Subject Line?
Am I Married To A Sociopath?
The Silent, Incideous Nature of Abuse
A Story for Those Who Can Relate to No Self-Worth...
Success: I Left Two Weeks Ago!
Abused Husband
This Site & My Kids Were My Shrink
Covert Abuse Survivor, May thru Aug
I Left
The Former Victim Is The Abuser
I Am Finally Free
Words That Helped Me Leave!
I Did It!
Hurting Myself
Survivor Speaks

I wish you....
Happiness......Deep down within
Serenity..... With each sunrise
Success..... In each facet of your life
Close and caring friends
Love.....That never ends
Knowledge of the grace and love of God.
Special memories...... Of all the yesterdays
A bright today..... With much to be thankful for
A path..... That leads to beautiful tomorrows
Dreams..... That do their best to come true
And appreciation......

Contributed by Robert Holland

factoid: "Stewardesses" is the longest word typed with only the left hand.

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