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Update to Success

Update to Success! I Left Two Weeks Ago


Hi Dr. Irene,

A few months ago I wrote to you  my story, "Success I left two weeks ago". I wanted to give you an update of how I am doing. As I told you my mother had a mild stroke so I was going to go visit her in Japan, well I decided to stay.  I am learning to respect who I am and to love me. I am learning to sit with my emotions and feel them. To know its ok to have feelings - after being told for so long it's not ok to feel. I am also learning what is acceptable to me and what is not, learning if someone says something to me that I feel is out of line, then I can choose to say something or not. I am learning that everyone has their own opinions and ideas as well as I do and whether or not they or I agree or disagree it is OK.

I am the happiest I believe I have ever been. To finally see who I am and know that I can do anything I want. It has been an up and down hill, but with each day I am becoming stronger. I have such a different outlook on life and on people in general. Everyday seems and feels like a new adventure.

The people in this country are wonderful, and in the same town is a Marine base with a community of wonderful people. Everyone I have met has gone out of his or her way to make me feel as if I have lived here my whole life. I have also met a wonderful man who has become a very dear friend who is helping me learn to trust again. What a strange concept to be encouraged  by a man to say what ever is on my mind  and not be judged and told I was stupid for saying such a thing.

There still are times when I hear someone yell or someone arguing and I start to shake,  but I know that in time that will pass too. Yes. Sometimes I find myself apologizing too much, but again that is getting better. Yes. It's funny how much more aware I am of my behavior and habits. Yes! I am not sure if I ever want to open my heart up to anyone again, for the fear of being hurt. You will, when you are ready. Take your time. But maybe it is too soon to say, but what ever is in store for me I am truly looking forward to it. I have also learned that no one can take better care of me than myself. You bet! -Dora

Dear Dora,

Thank you for sending in your update. It is great to read a success story! You inspire many. My warmest regards, Dr. Irene