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Words That Helped Me Leave!

Words That Helped Me Leave!

From:  M 
Sent: Monday, July 05, 1999 9:24 AM
Subject: Help me Leave

Some first things can be done easily, like a breeze, lasting a few seconds or a minute. But for me, one of the first hardest things I had to do was to tell my husband "good bye".  It took a long time, but finally it was over.  This is how I did it.

Reading Between The Lines
by M 

What makes you think you know what is best for me!
Having lived in this body alone, has made me an authority on me.
You did not come from the same egg I was created from.
I was born a single birth,  I am not a plural individual!
Accepting who I am took courage.
My separateness from you allows me to be unique.
Loving you was an extension of the love God gave me.
Each day I breath now is not hard, because I know what I must do.
Acknowledging that God has a purpose and plan for me is a valuable truth.
Victory of gaining back my self respect is a beacon from God, saying it's time to go.
Incidents that prompted me to see;  my view was a revelation showing me exactly who you were.

No one in this world could have taken me away from you, I loved you so.
God thank you for opening my eyes.
You God only, should have been first,  I'm sorry I placed people and things before you.
Only God gave this life,  God gave me existence, mother and father cultivated the seed, husband and children and extension of me, but not who I am.
Until I felt His presence I was blind, when I did feel his existence in me, I wept for myself, my soul, and my spirit, whom now are free because
I have enough courage to say IT'S OVER!  I want to be free to be me!