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Poetry: You Wanna Laugh

You Wanna Laugh?

by CA Grant

Some truthful poetry by a talented Survivor I know well and respect... Dr. Irene

September 7, 2000

You wanna laugh, get a load of this —

They said she liked to be hit, lacked, beaten.

They said she knew of his mistresses.

Moreover, that it didn't bother her a bit.

You know they both were college graduates.

You gotta to hear this one!

They said, she knew he gambled, drank, and did drugs.

They said, she knew the kind of guy that he was.

She made her bed so let her lie in it.

Can you believe people actually said this?

They said, she liked to sleep with other men.

He didn't make her do it, they said.

He was a perfect father and mate.

She ruined all they had and wanted all she could take.

You wanna laugh more, well listen to this —

They said the blood on her shirt and pants were his.

He said she pissed him off, so what the heck.

He really wanted to break her neck.

They said she was crazy and stayed for his money.

She said they didn't have any money left —

They owed all they had to the IRS.

He spent it on booze and the mistresses he kept.

He said she spent it all on useless objects —

Like children's clothing, shoes, food and doctors.


They said she never tried to leave him.

She cried herself to sleep each evening.

Planning how one day she'd get out —

Hoping and praying he'd never find out.

You wanna laugh hard and long.

She tried to leave him many times before.

He'd track her down and threaten with violence,

Every time she thought she was safe, he'd find her.

She called the police after he broke down the door.

You wanna laugh; he stalked her from store to store.

She called the police again and filed the papers —

You'll love this — it made matters even worse.

Poor woman thought she'd been cursed.

He laughed in her face then whispered in her ear,

Softly enough so nobody else could hear —

"You think the police can save you?"

She knew then there was nothing the police could do.

You wanna hear something funny?

I don't think she wanted his house, or money.

I don't think she wanted, or liked to be beaten),

Or had the slightest idea that he was drinkin', drugin' and cheating.

I think she was scared to death —

Of leaving her family and friends she loved best,

Of taking her children who needed medical care,

Of being killed by a man for whom she once cared.

I think she felt so much for her children,

That she finally let them remain with him,

Because she knew they'd never survive —

The running and hiding to stay alive.

Oh Yeah, did I forget to mention —

That he is now on his fourth victim.

The first two wives left quickly,

After being cheated on and beaten.

The third one unfortunately believed him.

The wolf, wearing lambs clothing.

He got everything he always had wanted —

The house, the lads, the housekeeper

And the mistresses he had all those years.

All the while crying crocodile tears.

"She abandoned me and the children...

What a terrible wife I had chosen."

The buzz spread throughout the town

She was living it up, and fooling around-

But that was not the case you see.

She drowned in guilt and self-pity.

She has been in the "Nut Hut" twice,

The first time was voluntary placement.

They said, the second time committed.

She could leave the house, him, his money-

But not the children, don't you think that's funny?