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Name The Cat Contest

Name-The-Cat Contest

This is the Cat You Love To Hate! The product of alley cats - it never knew its dad - this cat can behave like a victim and like an abuser!  The cat drinks way too much (milk), sleeps all day long, and runs the streets at night. The worst part is that this awful little fur ball thinks it's so cute, it doesn't care what you think!  It pokes fun at you and me - and itself too - and gets away with it. (Have you been through the site lately? The cat is cropping up all over, getting into all sorts of trouble!) What to call it?

Grand Prize: The winner of this dubious distinction will have their name, address, SS #, & email plastered across the web just before their arrest. Or, they may instead opt to receive one confidential and unpublished email advice question answered by Dr. Irene for free. The winner will be notified as soon as a selection is made, and will have until December 31, 2000 to submit a question to Dr. Irene. The email advice question and reply will be confidential, and not posted.

A winner will be selected by Dr. Irene and her husband no earlier than March 1, 2000. If no submission is found suitable, the end date of the contest and the email advice question may be extended. 

Each participant may submit as many names as they like, as often as they want. However, to qualify, submissions must be emailed to this address: 

Do Not Submit Attachments. They will not be opened.

If more than one person submits the winning name, only the entry received first will be considered the winner. The winner will choose whether or not they want their identify, handle, or email address announced.

And, we had a winner: Trubble. Thanks to all.


The winning cat name becomes the property of Dr. Irene and