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Poem: the shores of my soul

The Shores of My Soul  

by Rhoda

"Those who judge don't matter and those who matter don't judge."

Take a look at this talented woman's other poetry, Winter and Where Do I Go From Here? as well as her emails, Breaking Point and Breaking Point 2. Once again, thank you Rhoda!  Dr. Irene 6/8/00

 my heart lay spread out before me,

exposed to the tides of emotions that wash

upon the shores of my soul


great, crashing waves pummel me

carrying me as easily as sands  stirred

by the storm-driven incoming tide


soon, not soon enough

the tide turns

the ebbing emotions smooth

leaving me once again swept clear, drained


 the clearing away

doesn't leave me empty, the emptiness

has been scoured by the crushing waves


but it leaves space inside of me

space to explore, discover...

if i have the courage to go inside


i have always had the courage of the fool

perhaps it will serve me well

as i look steadfast into my sicknesses


i will not live my life buried

under the sands of regret

i will challenge myself, incessantly


create myself anew, adorn my inner self

with shells and jewels

friends and loves

that sparkle in the clear sunshine upon the

shore of my soul