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“If you want to succeed in the world, you must make your own opportunities.”
- John B. Gough

January 9, 2003

Dear Dr. Irene,

I am a 32 year old woman who owes you a debt of gratitude, and far more.  I recently ended my five year relationship with a man who had full blown NPD. NPD was unknown to me until this past October when I sat at my computer one night and typed in the words "verbal abuse," seeking to understand what was happening to me. Your site came up in the search engine and I clicked on and started reading it.  The word "narcissism" stood out and so I clicked onto it. What happened next was the indescribable feeling of "Aha! That's what's wrong with him!" and most importantly "It's not me!"  The information on your website was the catalyst for me to end this painful and emotionally draining relationship. Sweet little Trubble the cat became my companion as I sat up long into the night voraciously devouring the vast information you provided on narcissism. The truth is, had it not been for your website, I'd still be involved with my N.  The word really needs to be spread and you are doing a fine job of it.  You literally saved my sanity and I thank you a million times over.  You have also helped a friend of mine as I have pointed out her associations with an N mother-in-law,  from info I obtained from this site.  Thank you, you are truly an angel sent from heaven for all your compassion and caring. God bless you.
Sincerely, C
Dear C,

Thank you! Your words are very kind... But, I can't take the credit for your success. The reality is that YOU were looking for a source of sanity, of understanding. And you happened to find it on my site. I'm very, very happy to be of service! (So is Trubble, despite whatever you may have heard...) You found us!  If you hadn't found us, you would have found another site or person or place or thing - or cat. So, dear lady, most of the kudos belong to you. Seek and ye shall find!

Trubble and I wish you the very best in 2003!

God bless you,   Dr. Irene

Ps: Those looking for where to start reading up on narcissism here can start with this article by Dr. Vaknin.