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Poem: Another Painting on the Wall

Another Painting on the Wall
By Mandy White

 On 6/8/00, I got the following email: "My friend Mandy wrote this a year ago while she was with her abusive boyfriend.  She has recently charged him with assault and is now carrying on with her life.  YEA!!  Thought you might want to share this poem with those who view your website." I wrote to Mandy asking permission to publish, and her reply was: " I would be honored if you published my poem.  You have my permission to use it.  Yes, I would like my name used, and my e-mail as well.  My name is Mandy White, and the e-mail that you can use is: I would welcome the chance to share my experiences with anyone.  Some things just should not be kept secret. Agreed! And many thanks to you both... Dr. Irene

People admire my large collection of paintings.
"So many of them," they comment, "and such a variety."
I found many of them at garage sales and second-hand shops.
I was always looking for just the right size frame for the occasion.
The painting of the unicorn is my favorite.  I bought it the last time he
was drunk.
Sometimes I wonder if the walls, weakened from all the holes, will one day
crumble beneath the weight of the paintings.
After all, they are just walls.  He has never hit me.
I just don't know where I will find a painting large enough to cover the
hole in my heart.