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Inspirational Kudos

Inspirational Kudos

"It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves."
- William Shakespeare

March 7, 2002


I have just got to tell you how great your site is! It's great great great! (What good taste! Giggle!) I could write all day about my situation, it is definitely quite a story, however, that is my OLD life. And I don't live in the past. It's a new day, a new life, a new beginning for me. I have finally seen the truth about me, my past life, my short comings. And how I am the one who created a life so full of chaos for MYSELF. Nobody did it TO me. I made bad decisions of who I brought into my life, based on the fact of not knowing who I truly WAS, and what I truly expected and deserved from myself! I was unable to make wise decisions, because I had no wisdom into myself. I know now that I did not know myself, because I was not taught as a child that this was so critical. I was abused emotionally and physically by my mother and father who were both abused in their childhood. It is so true how history can repeat itself through generations. However, that is a CHOICE.

As a child, your vulnerable, there is not much you can do to fight for yourself and your rights. But! As a grown adult the options are endless!

It's a matter of choice. You can continue the chain with your own children, or put a stop to it! I choose to stop my pain! See who you want to be, and change yourself accordingly where needed. See it and believe it and eventually you'll become it. It has taken major (and I do mean MAJOR) traumas in my life for me to get where I am today. But, I have learned so much with each catastrophe. Initially it's hard to understand how some awful things could happen to such good people, if you examine it enough, and examine yourself enough... the truth will be revealed.

Don't ever give up the fight to learn about change, don't ever deny your feelings, don't ever give up hope, believe in yourself, soak in everything! The good, the bad, confront it, deal with it, and expand your mind, expand your knowledge! and you yourself will rise to heights you never thought possible. Everything I've been looking for lies within ME! I never knew it! But it's here....all I needed to do was muster up enough courage to actually find it within me, and stop looking for it in empty people. It doesn't exist there. It never will. It's all in me. And I love it.

Thank you for creating such a great site, you are doing so many people so much help!     t.

Dear t,

It's amazing what happens when one realizes one has choice and free will... Thank you for your letter. Thank you for helping others understand that it's all within the Self!