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September 16, 2006

Wayne Misner, author of Men Don't Listen, and frequent contributor to this site, has a new book entitled Men Cry Too! Yay! Go Wayne Go! And, he's graciously let me reprint a little bit of it here.

Once again, thank you Wayne. Dr. Irene

The Pain of Love

A poet’s love poem takes us to the heavens,

with memories of sharing beauty and joy.


With the skill of an artist the poet paints,

a word picture of hearts that embrace,

dreams of futures that will never end.


Those lonely years, finally the one that makes my soul sing.


But at times love poems remind us of what was,

could have been, and the tragedies of loss.


The pain of love is written in songs,

“I could have missed the pain,

but I'd af had to miss the dance.”(1)


Yet we want love, to receive it and to give it,

with the sharing of times and the pain of the ending.


Eulogies are written into song for the loss of love.


Yes, the young, the not so young and the old,

want to be poets writing our own love poems.


Hoping and praying that our love poem today,

will not become the words song writers use for the

pain of love tomorrow.


(1) The Dance ~ Garth Brooks


Your Love for Me Has Wilted Away and Died

 My favorite flower is the rose.

Just looking at its beauty takes my breath away.

You have been my rose through all these years.

As often as possible I would bring you a rose to

share your exceptional beauty with.


Soon we will part and the tradition will end.


In its place, I offer you this gift, an enchanting glass rose,

which will never die, as my love for you shall never die.

Your gentleness and kindness have improved on nature.

I thank you for your sweet tender touches and compassionate human patience.


I will never forget this harsh lesson.


Women must be treated with the same tender loving care as the rose:

I should have sprinkled you with love

I should have fertilized you with caresses

I should have sprayed you with affection

Kept you in the sunlight, which reflects your natural colors, more awesome than a rainbow.


The fragrance of your skin made me feel dizzy;

Your eyes remind me of the delicate colors of soft petals;

Your smile, the sunlight required for growth;

Your legs, the long, stems;

Your face is that of a breath-taken flower with all its lovely dramatic features.

This arrangement captures what romance with someone special is all about.


You are precious, an exceptional women, and will remain in my heart for all eternity.



Wayne L. Misner has forty years in the healthcare field. He has devoted the last ten years to writing articles and books. His book, “Men Don’t Listen” is a self help book for men and women. Email him with your comments = Visit his Web page =