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Abuse & the Legal System

Abuse & the Legal System

From: Marie
Sent: Wednesday, July 07, 1999 1:17 AM
Subject: Bravo!!!!!!!!!!!!

Way to go Dr. Irene. 

I have spent the last month trying to show attorneys, doctors, judges, counselors, family, and even extremely intelligent "humans" how serious abuse is. ANY form of abuse.  We will not conquer this overnight, but if we all stand together, and give what we can to one another, we can make a difference. If we all have this common bond between us, how "crazy" can we  be? We WILL make a difference. Way to go!

Thank you,

Dear Marie,

I don't know what you are going through, but it sounds awful.  I am familiar with the craziness in the legal system, their lack of understanding of emotional abuse (hey, no broken bones, right?), and the ways in which some attorneys can make the "good" guy look "bad." How can even the most balanced judge make a fair ruling if the small slice of life presented is slanted? How can this individual make a fair ruling there is little or no awareness of the phenomenon? I'm sure you've read Delaney, my on-line case history.
If I can help educate the system, I will.
Good luck, Dr. Irene

Ps. Take a look at what an attorney wrote about this: The legal system may not be all that ignorant after all; just between a rock and a hard place.

Dear Readers,

Marie's experience with dealing with the legal system in emotional abuse cases is unfortunately typical. 

If the therapeutic community is not fully aware of emotional and verbal abuse issues, how can we expect our lawmakers to be? 

I am willing to create a section dealing with such if you are willing to send me your experiences. Please offer a balanced account. The idea is education, not revenge. OK?

Dr. Irene