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Stop Child Abuse

A Few Reasons to Stop Abuse in Your Home: Your Kids

by Dr. Irene

bulletChild abuse starts a new generational cycle of abuse. The abused child is intensively trained by experts - to become an abusive adult and/or an adult that accepts abuse. Abuse seems "normal."
bulletChild abuse feels to the child as though the objective is to break the child's will.  
bulletAbused children manifest a myriad of disorders in adulthood: post-traumatic stress disorder, panic and anxiety disorders, mood disorders, substance abuse problems.
bulletChild abuse is confusing. The very people you love hurt you. They rationalize and deny the pain they cause. They hurt you because they "love" you.
bulletAbused kids are taught to deny their inner reality. 
bulletEven if your children are not being abused, it hurts them to watch you be abused. These kids may grow up to abuse you too!