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A Message For Tex

A Message for Tex

If you haven't already read the first 3 chapters of Tex's bio, start here now!



    I am currently involved with a fellow who was married to the same person! (an evil twin perhaps, if that is possible!) Right down to the accidental pregnancy. He has had a couple of girlfriends before me, and has been divorced for 6 years. He has a teenage daughter, who cannot be in the house if I stay overnight (per request of kali II, though she has a live-in who has been there for three of those six divorced years). She stays with him (dad) for four nights out of the week, usually weekends of course, (we both work Monday thru Friday) so I can only see him when she is not there, which  varies: Sometimes Thursdays or whenever the wench finds out we were planning a trip or something, she comes up with an absolutely must do "can you watch the kid this week, for seven days" stuff.

His daughter has even gone so far as to demand I not be in the house for a visit when she is there. We, daughter and father, myself, do absolutely nothing to strengthen any relationship that we, she and I could have developed. She barely talks to me as it is with the exception of answering the phone when I call. Strictly social hi how are ya's.

She recently has been diagnosed with clinical depression, (good I thought, an explanation for behavior) and was put on the wonder drug Prozac.  No change, and worse behavior combined now with suicidal thoughts! Ex- wifey, who puts all health care costs on my sweetie, cannot be bothered to bring daughter to therapy once a week, three towns away, (my sweetie not only pays for her care, but $900 monthly for support, European vacations clothing, food, spending money, and any whim) and drives her to her therapy, due to its inconvenience for wifey to drive that Beemer to therapy for her daughter. By the way, he lives a few towns away, and does this happily, for he loves his daughter and will always want what is right for her. Be it known that wifey goes on vacation 3 times a year, and does not bring her daughter.
As for us, he has already told me we will never marry. He would not go through the same aggravation, as he puts it. Hell I wouldn't either, but I would think that after two years of my supporting him emotionally, and always being there when he needs me I ask for very little in return. We get along on an emotional level, and in a lot of ways we are lucky, but one nagging question persists: how can someone fill him in that everyone is different? That not all women are out to mess him over (though his ex and daughter do seem to manage quite well), and, why can't he understand that because of all the Satans who have gone before that the good ones have to work 50 times as hard to get less than half of the positive results???

Dear Lady,

An interesting question. One I've seen over and over. Perhaps you should be just a tad less accommodating; a tad truer to you.  -Dr. Irene

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