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Poem: Land of Now

In The Land of Now

by Dan.  Inspired by Debbie....... Where did I go.....

December 25, 2000

Decisions to be Made
No one to make them
Having fun
Not on the run
I can't quite understand it
It's like I'm not on quite on the same planet
I'm now in the Land of Now

All the corners and alleyways,
been there, done that
all the heartbreak and pain
all the hunting for the rats
searching for the wrongdoer
finding myself instead--
what sadness!!!!!

For every finger I point at anyone, there are three
pointed back at me..........

My maker has finally called me to account
on my insolent ways
Indeed given me my fill of many rainy days
But nothing I can't handle

So now I just live..........................

With love and the deepest respect.....