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Where did I go

Where did I go?

by Debbie

December 8, 2000

Where Did  go?
Not where I used to.
Somehow I lost myself
in the lives and actions of others.
Where did I go?
Somewhere I had no intention of being,
somewhere I ended by following the paths
of others.
Somehow, somewhere, the person who is me,
got lost in the shuffle.
My destination crossed the paths of others,
I strayed from my path and intertwined
with theirs.
Where did I go?
A place of stress, and anxiety, of distrust, and
A place so foreign
that I don't want to be here.
A place of entrapment, lies, and deceit.
Where did I go?
Not to the place of peace and happiness
of my thoughts and dreams.
Instead to a place of no respect, greed,
and untruths.
Will I ever find my way back from this
sinkhole of frustration?
Will ever find the destination of my
heart, of peace and calm, not
walking on eggshells,
not waiting to hear of the next episode
of someone else's escapades.
Where did I go?
I got lost somewhere.
Can I find my way back?
Only time will tell.