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Abuse, Panic, Fear

Abuse, Panic, Fear 

Subj:    Abuse, panic attacks, fear.
Date:    1/18/99
From:    Patty
To:    Dr Irene

I finally after 10 years reported my husband for abuse and all I can think of is how I have hurt him. He has made me verbally abusive to counteract his attacks and I hate it. How can I feel better about what I have done before the PFA court case on Thursday so I do not weaken and press the charges as I should and get a full PFA not a temporary one.


Dear Patty,

Run your life with your head, not your heart. Your husband has been abusive because he knows how to play your heart. Remember that if you don't begin to stand up to him, you are not helping him get any better! And you are participating in your own pain! Get a copy of Patricia Evans' The Verbally Abusive Relationship. Call your local battered women's organization for a support group and/or a therapist referral. Remember, this is your life! Good luck. Dr. Irene