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Poem: Hey You!

Hey You!

by Maria Anne Grillone

March 7, 2001

A tender kiss, a touch, caress . . .
from our friendship God does bless.
The feelings come from deep inside,
but can you see them or will you hide?
From my heart I hear it well
the sound of joy as it casts its spell -
Upon us both, or only one . . .
only time will tell.
A friendship of the closest kind
comes from respect and honesty
it stands up strong 'gainst the winds of time
no matter what we see.
As the leaves blow far away from us
they blur as the wind grows strong
but riding high above the wind, the birds, they carry on.
They sing there song so beautifully
to all who lend their ear
for way up high above the storm
love glides easily.

Maria Ann Grillone


Courtesy of M.A. Grillone and Dr. Irene Matiatos  Copyrightę 2001. The material on this website may be distributed freely for non-commercial or educational purposes provided that author credit is given. For commercial distribution, please contact the author at