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She Betrayed My Heart

She Betrayed My Heart

 July 18, 2000

When you marry someone and you actually mean every vow that you take, you open your self up to great pain - if your "partner" is only playing a game. Yes you do. But, don't forget that your so called partner isn't up all night figuring out how they are going to "get" you. She just can't help what she does; to her, it's normal...

I opened my heart up completely. I told this person everything about myself. If she decide to use that information to abuse me emotionally, she had the blueprint. Every single thing that I ever told her, every secret privy only to my heart, every weakness was used against me. Now you know: A person who loves you has the info to use against you, but never would. Your lady doesn't sound as though she knows how to love. I loved and I still Love this woman Why? , but I have come to the end of my rope, I think more about killing her than I do about making love to her. She taunts me and bucks me. She challenges my manhood at every turn. 

I make most the money and I do most of the house work. I am the sensitive yet strong Mother of the family and she is the jealous controlling Male figure. Apparently, sensitive, but not strong enough. Why are you letting her walk all over you? I have no space or privacy, and I have to walk on egg shells all of the time to keep peace. This can happen only because you - somehow - allow it. 

Yet we argue 4 days a week, and the tension from the arguments last 2 days, so there is no peace. Why are you here? I have a heart problem and my wife knows it, and at anytime I can have ANOTHER heart incident - which would not matter... Last time she didn't even go to the hospital with me, and I had to walk home 2 days later, because she could not be contacted. Again, why are you here?

In an argument, she is harsh, cold, and indifferent; she has rejected me as a Man, Husband, and as a Human Being. Absolutely cold, no bending, no weakening, and by all means, no compromise. She cheated on me in the beginning of our relationship 6 years ago, but I discounted it because the situation was complicated. To make very long story a little shorter, I need help if nothing more than advise. I NEED OUT, and I am trapped by my love and concern for my children.  George

George, You are trapped by more than love and concern for your kids... You've given her all your power! You are not standing up to this lady (what a misnomer...)! How is she getting away with all this junk? Why are you still there? Don't you know: when you have the courage to love yourself enough to leave because you have absolutely had enough, stuff happens; stuff changes. Not always, but many, many times - your partner begins to realize what they are about to lose. They begin to respect you - because you demand it...

If there is any hope in saving this marriage, it will be because you got fed up enough to take your kids and

May God bless you and yours, Dr. Irene

I just want to read the posts.