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Angel Doc???

Angel Doc???

"He who refuses praise the first time that it is offered does
so because he would hear it a second time." -Duc de la Rochefoucald

July 6, 2000

Dr Irene,
I just waned to write a quick note to tell you thank you for this web site! Coming to this site has changed my life and gave me the courage to leave my abuser.  Though I had left 2 times before, I never sought out any support or received any validation for my feelings.  Well, I received more than validation from this site, I received so much support and encouragement. I feel stronger and happier than I ever have. 

Also the health issues that I had as a result of the abusive relationship (panic attacks, high blood pressure) have subsided to a manageable degree. Yippeee!

Thanks again - you are an angel!  S 

Dear S,

And you are a sweetie. Thank you for the kudos. But all I did was provide a vehicle populated by lots of wonderful people whom YOU sought out, YOU found, and YOU effectively used to help yourself. Good stuff!
My very best wishes for your continued health and recovery,
Dr. Irene
Ps: Uh, could ya please tell God what ya think anyway...