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I'm Not Crazy!

I'm Not Crazy!

Dear Dr. Irene,

I'm sure you have heard this many times already, but thank you, thank you, thank you for all the valuable information posted on your pages. 

I'm a woman who has tolerated a very angry, out-of-control partner for 16 years.  He just walked out me, and I'm devastated.  Why?  I'm scared.  And now that I'm scared and lonely, I seem to have forgotten all the bad things, all the walking on eggs, all the fear of his suddenly-changing moods, all the humiliation and embarrassment of his behavior, all his physical destruction of property, all the horrible names he's called me, all his rage at me and hatred of me. 

But, your web page brought it all back.  What I read on your page made me realize that I wasn't crazy.  I was not in a normal relationship.  I feel vindicated.  And that is helping me now to put into perspective what I thought I lost.  I have never told anyone about the things I tolerated.  I always lied to family and friends to make it seem as if we had an ideal relationship.  Now after having read your pages, I feel like going to a therapist or therapy group so I can talk about the things I tolerated.  I want someone to say to me, "You are not crazy, but you were in one destructive relationship." 

Thank you again.

And thank you!  -Dr. Irene