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Anger is Normal

Anger is Normal!

Sent: Sunday, January 02, 2000 10:15 PM
Subject: Thank you!

Dear Dr. Irene:  Your web pages have helped me to see that my anger was normal and natural, and that my ex-husband used that against me in our relationship.  I also have learned, through your web-page and many friends and books, that people such as my ex-husband use our anger as tools.  Funny how he disappeared after I confronted him with the words " you are verbally abusive, and we need to go to marriage counseling to continue our marriage" all of a sudden made him #1) Get ready to leave and make plans and #2) Spew forth a verbal vomit of hurtful things, such as "In your next relationship, I want you to know this", to which I responded "My next relationship is of no concern to you".  Like all of our stories, this one is a long one.  I just want to thank you for validating what I was feeling, especially helping me to see that anger is healthy, unless you let it get out of control (and I did, I'm guilty of that, of course he used that as a trump card against me).
I would like to contribute and help others who have this problem, it is rampant in our society.  Thanks again, Doreen

Dear Doreen,

Thank you!