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This is the place for you if you think you may be in an abusive relationship or may be abusive yourself. The Site Mascot is *Trubble* Enjoy!

For over 20 years this site has helped many people in abusive relationships, and has helped educate those interested in learning about abuse. has been linked to, pages have been published in abuse brochures, articles, and books; sections have been translated into other languages.

While the content is no longer updated, it is timeless. You will find many, many articles and reader stories here - often with commentary from Dr. Irene."

And Trubble. *Sigh* our Mascot Cat. He is aptly named.

Dr. Irene is in private practice in Western North Carolina. Her husband and four cats finally wised up and kicked Trubble out some years ago. He continues his virtual existance on this website.

Site Keywords: Personal Responsibility and mindfulness.



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